Monday, June 10, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery: A Cupcake Wonderland Or Just Another Hype?

It has been 9 days since my last post. Time really flies. I can't believe classes already started and traffic in the Metro just got worst again.

In the 9 days that passed, there were a lot of issues that I was thinking of writing about but decided not to. Why? Because I didn't have anything positive to say. It would just be another rant that only my closest friends would care to read and talk about the next time we meet and commit the greatest lie we make these days. What lie am I talking about? Its the "Just 2 bottles" or "2 bottles only" lies. Hehe. Anyway, I decided to do away with writing about my biased opinions on current events and write about the most manly topic I could think of.... Cupcakes!

What the fuck do I know about cupcakes? If you would see me in person, you wouldn't expect me to be the cupcake lover type but I tell you, I know good cupcakes and I bake damn better than a lot of women, my girlfriend included. Hahaha.

I wanted to make a new blog to write about food but I am too lazy to do that so I'll just put it here as well. Since there aren't a lot of posts yet, I'll work on the categories later but I doubt I would have the drive to do that. Maybe after about 6 months or a year. Hehe.

So here it goes... My girlfriend and I went to Glorietta  last Wednesday to watch "The Fast and the Furious 6". Yeah I know, I watched the movie later than everybody else. Our first attempt just ended in a fancy dinner because the seats we wanted were already taken. Urg! Extra expense for me again but well worth it because It was another bonding moment for us amidst the busy schedule we both have. We met at about 7pm and the last full show was at 9:25PM so we had time to have a quick dinner. We decided to eat at Yoshinoya, I made a mistake of ordering the Power Meal which was a beef with vegetable bowl. We all know that Yoshinoya's beef bowl is the best but the vegetable in the Power Meal was simply the worst chopsuey ripoff I ever tasted. I had to order another Gyudon bowl because of that. Yeah I know I am going off topic but I didn't want to make a new post just for this. Hehe.

So after that, we decided to try the cupcakes at the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery. You would see some of the cupcake pictures below but I decided not to post the picture of the establishment itself because it kinda lures you inside. Hahaha. The place is doll house like... The kind any man would not dare step into if he is with another man or if he is alone. lol.

Red Velvet and Chocolate Decadent

I know I don't take good pictures. I simply point and click so please pardon me for the eyesores. Hehe. And no we didn't eat all of those cupcakes. My housemates loves "pasalubongs" so I always buy extra.

Cheesecake, Oreo Cheesecake, Chocolate Nutella

I didn't actually saw the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery by chance. My Facebook friends has been posting instagram pics of it since March claiming the cupcakes were sooooo gooood and that their red velvet was heavenly so I got interested to try it out myself.


I am a red velvet cupcake lover so naturally, its the first one I looked for when we arrived. There was nothing on display so I asked the crew taking orders at the front (a girl who I think should be working at CDR-King instead, why? kasi malabo kausap!) if there are any red velvets coming. Here's what she did... She looked at the empty tray and said "ay sir wala na po". Being the hard headed person that I am, I asked another crew who was inside if they will refill the red velvet tray, she said it would be available in about 10 minutes. Thank God! We went to the cashier to place our orders there but the girl who was taking orders followed us. Hehe. When she asked what drinks I want, I asked what was available... I wasn't actually listening (I do not have any manners at all! blame it on my phone) but I heard her saying bottled iced tea so I asked "by bottled iced tea you mean Sola?" She said "yes sir bottled iced tea po" I smiled... See how nice I am? Then the girl at the counter interrupted and said "sir hindi po Sola" so I said I'll have that.

When we got in, my girlfriend saw the cute mixer on display and said she'd love to have one like that... I was really happy inside because I wouldn't have to think of a Christmas gift for her. Hehe. The furniture reminded me of Kamiseta, I know I saw those chairs somewhere but I am not 100% sure.

When our orders arrived, my bottled iced tea turned out to be Real Leaf from Coca Cola. It was not cold but I was given a paper cup with ice. The bottled water wasn't cold as well. I am not sure about you but I don't like putting ice on my drinks. Especially when I am not sure who supplies the ice. Call me "maarte" if you will but I think I am watching too much Imbestigador that I am a bit paranoid about the quality of everything! Hehe.

Now going to the finale... I first tasted the red velvet frosting.... It was good... I think its the pre made philly frosting... It really tasted familiar... Then the cupcake... It was to my disappointment, dry and crumbly... Far from the descriptions of my Facebook friends. Without the frosting, the cupcake is just ordinary. I mean, there I was in a place that was almost magical with my girl and my favorite cupcake flavor and then suddenly I woke up from that really nice dream.

I wanted to be back in dreamland so I quickly picked up the Nutella Chocolate. I couldn't taste a trace of Nutella in it at all. My girlfriend saw the disappointment on my face and smiled. That smile just takes away all those negative feelings... I did not lose hope, picked up the chocolate decadent and was surprised the cupcake tasted good but I couldn't finish it because the frosting was just too thick and was so sweet. We then just asked for the rest of the cupcakes to be boxed for takeaway. I asked one to be boxed separately. The packaging was cute. I now know why the cupcakes are expensive. The price of the box is already included in their cupcake pricing whether you have it there or to go... That is just my theory though. Hehe. Will I go back? I'll probably try another branch and their other cupcakes. Who knows, I might have a better experience. As for the red velvet, I would still go for my favorite House of Silvanas or J Cuppacakes. I think Vanilla Cupcake Bakery's price of php85 - 100 a cupcake is not reasonable if only for the ambiance their place has to offer... They seriously need to bake better tasting cupcakes to get clients to return.

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