Thursday, June 13, 2013

The 115th Philippine Independence Day Celebration... Are We Really Free?

115th? Really? Hahaha. No, I do not want to start a debate on the topic of June 12th being the Philippine's Independence Day... I would let it pass for now and just make a post about it next year perhaps.. Haha. What I want to ask now is, are we really free?

My answer to that is just simple. As a nation, yes, the Philippines is free. But are the people free?

The concept of freedom is relative. Most of you would think you are free because of your own definition of freedom. You might argue that you can freely express yourselves and say that the President is stupid and get away with it or that you voted for your leaders who are Filipinos and not of foreign blood but does that make you free? Well, they say the proof is in the pudding but for me, I think not all Filipinos are free.

Why? Lets start with this. Are all Filipinos enjoying their political rights and civil liberties? Are Filipinos free from being controlled by religion? Oh.. Your answer is already a big NO? Game Over... Hahaha. So what is my concept of being free then?

The Filipinos can only be called free, when one is not denied justice. When our courts stop to be just for those who has money. If you think this is not true, you have to wake up!

We can only be free, when the so called economic growth we are experiencing can already be felt by the poor. As long as we do not contribute in any way to alleviate poverty, we will always be slaves. Yes, I used the term "we" and by that including you! We cannot just put this burden to our government. We should practice social responsibility and be part of the solution.

We can only be free, when Filipinos wakes up from their ignorance and stupidity! By this, I am not only referring to lack of education, but also to the apathy of a lot of Filipinos to the real problems of our society.

We can only be free when we eliminate corruption! The biggest hindrance of all to our journey to true freedom is corruption! As long as we allow ourselves to be ruled by corrupt officials, we can never be free. I must admit that even reducing corruption almost seems impossible. Corruption starts inside the families of every Filipino. Think about it. Think hard...

I could write till I am blue in the face but I would just be reaching about .1 percent of the population. Even if this is an impossible feat, I still believe we can do it. I am a dreamer... I believe that somehow, if some people would be able to get my ideas, they too can share it to a few others who can share it to maybe your friends or better yet you parents. hahaha.

I always dream of a Philippines where people are not forced to leave the country because they couldn't find opportunities here... of a Philippines where people are not hungry, of a Philippines where people do not just try to impress foreigners in order to be called beautiful... of a Philippines where people are not afraid to express themselves, of a Philippines who does not rely on foreign help to defend its land, of a Philippines where people do not consider themselves as an inferior race, of a Philippines where there is justice, of a Philippines where people are educated, of a Philippines where people care...

Going back to my original question... Are we really free??? I AM! I want you to be too...

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