Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pnoy Arrives late at an appointment, blames traffic, reprimands MMDA chairman

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 Before anything else, my condolences goes to the bereaved family of the casualties in the Serendra 2  explosion in Taguig City. 

So the President is late once again. Pnoy was the guest of honor at the inauguration of the Advanced Device and Materials Testing Laboratory. He apologized at the start of his speech saying:

"Hihingi muna ako ng paumanhin sa inyo, na-late po tayo. Hindi inaasahan. Friday—ma-traffic. Hindi ko inaasahan, ma-traffic everywhere. Tinawagan ko na po si Chairman Tolentino na baka gusto niyang mag-traffic at mabawasan ang abala sa ating mga kabuhayan. Ngayon ko lang inakala na galing pong Malacañang kailangang dumaan ng Roxas Boulevard para umabot ng Taguig."

My first reaction of course was REAAALLLLYYYYYY???? You were surprised because of traffic on a FRIDAY? Are you really from the Philippines? Because what you experienced is what normal people without a convoy are experiencing every fucking day! Oooops. Sorry bout that. I will try to continue without profanities. I just can't believe this man! Calling MMDA Chairman Tolentino though (who is by the way out of the country) was a good idea. Why?..... Do you still remember Chairman Tolentino's letter to Dan Brown? Now I think its time for Chairman Tolentino to write an open letter to the President saying he is greatly disappointed by the Pnoy's inaccurate description of traffic in our beloved metropolis and that  he should've checked MMDA's website for alternate routes. Tolentino may add how displeased he is that the President suggested he himself act as a traffic enforcer. Hahaha. That would be epic!

But seriously, the President, being late again should be ashamed! He just signed a law setting Philippine Standard Time so as to change the connotation of "Filipino Time". I mean, everyone knows that driving from Malacañang to Taguig takes an hour and a half, that is if it is not rush hour. During rush hour it would be about 2-3 hours. Yes Mr. President. Welcome to the Philippines! The only time you can get there in 20 mins would be during a Pacquiao fight! So if you do not want to be late, leave early. Stop blaming traffic! 

Also, it might be a good idea to ask one of the employees of Malacañang to commute. That way you'd know what the common people or your "BOSSES" are experiencing everyday! You might be surprised by the things you'd discover about the Philippines. You might, just might, understand what the people needs.

Yeah! Its definitely More Fun in the Philippines!

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