Thursday, May 2, 2013

The first step


First, I would like to thank whoever you are for actually stopping here and reading this first line. As the title suggest this is one of the first steps that I am making. I now welcome myself as a part of the blogging world! Yay!

This is my first time to actually write anything... Well technically I'm typing this. Haha. Seriously, I haven't written anything since the last book report I made at school which was about 8 years ago or 7 years if you would consider the essay I wrote for my final exam. :)

You might be asking, "so why the hell did you decide to write now when you clearly don't have the talent?" My answer to that is simple. I now have this itch to say something... to share... to tell the world what I think which would probably give me a black eye or a hand mark on my face if I tell it to people personally.

I wanted to start by introducing myself but that would be boring.  I think it would be better If you would know me based on what I write. That way you can hate me for my ideas and not for the person that I am.

By now, I know you have noticed that I really have no idea about what I would be writing on my first post. Yes, I know I wasted your time but I am inviting you to go back here and read my next post or comment on what you want to know or want to read about and I will gladly make a post about it. Maybe you can even give me ideas which would make both our time worthwhile. After all, the internet is for sharing and it is open to everyone...

So there. I'll end it here... wait for my next post which I promise would not be as boring as this one by just a little bit.


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