Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Taiwan's sanctions to the Philippines, A diplomatic tool???


           First, I would like to inform you dear reader that I am just an ordinary Filipino citizen. I am not a journalist nor a political analyst. I have biased opinions which might offend you so If you think you are too sensitive, then please stop reading. While listening to the news from my 10 year old phone, I decided I have to write something about the current Philippines and Taiwan issue. I actually planned on writing something about the just concluded elections but I think that can wait.

          By now, the trolls already wants to know my position on this issue. I will not disappoint you. I condemn any act of violence against any human of any race more so the killing of any human being! There you have it. The trolls can now stop reading and formulate mindless comments.

          If you are living in a cave and do not know the issue yet, let me give you a summary of what happened. On Thursday, the 9th of May, the Philippine Coast Guard opened fire to a Taiwanese fishing vessel resulting in the death of a 65 year old fisherman. The Taiwanese fishing vessel allegedly tried to ram the PCG's boat. Reports say more than 50 bullets hit the Taiwanese boat. From a machine gun, that would just be shooting for less than 5 seconds. Well, they are still investigating this but we will not dwell on this much because I personally think this is not important... I am seeing eyebrows raising! Why the fuck is it not important??? Because I said so! Go back to paragraph 1.

          Regardless if the Taiwanese tried to ram the PCG's armed steel boat with their unarmed fiber glass boat, the Coast Guard's action is not acceptable! I know the Philippine Coast Guard could have handled the situation better. These men are highly trained and well disciplined. Yes, you read it right. I can say about 99 percent of them are not trigger happy brown monkeys!

         So now, we are clear as to the fault of the Philippines here, let us go to what the Philippines tried to do to settle the issue diplomatically. If you do not know it yet, the Philippines already apologized to Taiwan regarding the incident through our Manila Economic and Cultural Office, Manila’s de-facto embassy in Taiwan. Why MECO and not one of the cabinet members of President Aquino? This is because the Philippines is adhering to the "One-China" policy. If you do not know the said policy better make use of our user friendly search engines to know more. I can't be educating you with all of these here! Go back to school! The Philippine Government also relieved the Coast Guard men who were involved in the incident while investigations are ongoing.

         Taiwan's President knows this. President Ma knows this is the best the Philippines can do. The Taiwanese President understands the reason why the Philippines could not give an apology at a government level. The Philippines is avoiding any conflict with China by adhering to the "one China" policy. But why did the Taiwanese President reject this apology? The answer to that is the pressure from the Taiwanese people and the opposition. President Ma is not exactly a popular President because of issues that has been thrown to him in the past so he is really being pressured to act cautiously on this issue. I think he made the right move of rejecting the first attempt of the Philippines to apologize but when President Aquino sent Amadeo Perez (MECO's Chairman) to Taipei, the Taiwanese Government should have met them and resolved the issue diplomatically. Why? Because Perez was sent and authorized by President Aquino that's why. I have to agree that the Philippine President is not a good diplomat but sending Perez to Taipei was a great move, a great opportunity for both countries.

          So now, Taiwan has issued sanctions which affected lots of innocent Filipino OFW's in Taiwan. Sanctions, are meant to punish an offending party economically and politically without the use of military force. Will these sanctions serve as a diplomatic tool to resolve this issue? I think not. Historically, sanctions only worsened diplomatic relations between countries. In Taiwan's case, issuing the sanctions has changed the view of the international community. At the start of this crisis, the international community sympathized with Taiwan but now, they seemed to have become the aggressor. The Philippines is now appearing as the injured party because of the sanctions.

       I would not suggest any resolution to this crisis as I am but a simple citizen of this country. I also wouldn't want the Coast Guard spraying bullets at my yacht or Taiwan crashing their F16's at my house in Bali. All I can say is, we all need to peacefully settle this. Condemning a violent act by acting violently is just plain stupid.

       To those fucktards hurting the Filipino OFW's in Taiwan, I know you are just a bunch of unemployed junkies posing as nationalists! I still believe most Taiwanese are rational people.

       I still have much to say but I'll have to finish this now. I feel like sleeping for a while. That damn Patron tequila really hit me hard....

        May my God and your God bless us all!

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